About Us

Who is Symbiosis

Beverley Lee is a Groote Schuur Hospital trained nursing sister having been the recipient of the Gold Medal for Excellence and the Florence Nightingale Lamp for Leadership.

Symbiosis is a South African based organisation founded in 1996 by Beverley Lee whose initial objective was to provide high calibre medical personnel to international institutions requiring help in caring for patients whilst simultaneously training their own nationals.

Over the years, Symbiosis’ diligence and focus has earned the company a premier reputation resulting in a rapid increase in their client base and the inclusion of other non-medical niche market specialists.

Our Philosophy

Symbiosis’ philosophy is to ensure that all processes are of the highest ethical standards and beliefs. Our past success bears testimony to our company personnel working hard and smartly in a highly principled manner. We strive to ensure that our clients, applicants and staff are in a mutually beneficial, stimulating and happy environment, ever reaching for a true and symbiotic existence.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We aim to relentlessly ensure that we are leaders in catering for international staffing needs and to significantly contribute to any organisations success and growth.

We would like to be recognised for making a major impact in both our clients’ organisational function and our applicants, together with their families’ lives.

In so doing, significantly imparting skills to others worldwide.

Our vision and strategy is to offer a superior, value added and professional service in the most efficient and transparent manner.

We are committed at all times to offer honesty, integrity, transparency, compassion and professionalism with the highly desired PERSONAL TOUCH.

Reg: 1997/007465/07

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